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what is self testing?

School, tuitions, learning apps, online content, books - despite so many learning resources, many students are still not getting the results they expect. 

Better exam performance requires quick recall and accurate application of concepts and such mastery doesn't come from just listening to teachers and watching videos. It is attained through disciplined self-study and supervised practice. Research tells us that the big reason for the under performance of students is poor self study methods which lack focus, discipline and continuous self-testing techniques like flashcards and objective type questions like MCQs.

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What are flashcards?

Retrieval practice

As opposed to listening, reading, or watching videos, flashcards & MCQs force information retrieval from the brain by posing questions. This act strengthens neural networks, leading to stronger retention & recall.

Instant feedback

Practice without timely feedback can be a waste of time. Flashcards & MCQs provide instant feedback to correct mistakes, and build confidence by reinforcing what the student already knows.


Self testing forces the user to evaluate their own mastery of a concept - the absence of an outside evaluator leads to a more honest recognition of weaknesses.

Spaced repetition

Based on the student's own evaluation, weak topics are intelligently repeated, enabling mastery of the topic. More time is spent on weaker areas, making sure that time is better utilized.

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Why do flashcards & MCQs work?

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Long History

Flashcards have been around for more than a hundred years and students around the world have used them for a long time.

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Used in Many Fields

Students around the world use them for studying in such diverse fields as Law, Medicine, Engineering, Social Sciences etc.


Scope & Coverage

Whether you make them, or buy them, paper cards or MCQs (unlike digital ones) are more limited in scope and coverage. It is cumbersome to add questions or keep them updated.

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Learners of All Ages

Globally flashcards are used by learners of all ages, from kindergarten students to college going adults.

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Exam Preparation

A very popular use of flashcards is preparing for exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT and many others. 

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Digital cards & MCQs are much more convenient to use and manage. They also come with an intelligent revision process built into the app.

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So who uses flashcards?

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Paper or digital flashcards & MCQs?

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Are there other self-testing methods available?



Quizzes are randomly generated tests consisting of objective type questions like MCQs. They are a great way to measure progress, and identify areas of weakness. In combination with flashcards, they are extremely effective. 



Crosswords can be used as fun diversions, while strengthening recall of keywords and definitions. They increase student engagement and interest.



Many forms of puzzles can be used for self-testing and strengthening recall, but they must be intelligently designed so that they produce the desired outcomes.

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Better Use of Time

Students can focus their revision on small chunks of content at a time, and automatically spend more time on weaker topics. Better use of time.


Better Exam Marks

Self testing methods automatically lead to better exam results because gaps in understanding become visible before the exam!

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Progress Tracking

Students get continuous feedback by rating their mastery, and also taking quizzes periodically to get accurate assessment.

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Higher Confidence

Better exam results and efficient use of time creates higher self-confidence and reduces the stress levels of the students.

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Benefits of using flashcards and quizzes

We are democratizing the use of self-testing methods by making them available to every student at highly affordable prices.

Our FlashCardz platform is an intelligent blend of flashcards, crosswords and MCQs to make learning more durable, stress-free, fun and result oriented.

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