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Improve exam performance

Flashcards, crosswords and MCQ quizzes for CBSE and ICSE 8th, 9th and 10th and now also for 10th Maths Olympiad!

  • Comprehensive content

  • Research backed method

  • Innovative features

  • Latest technology

  • Works on any device

  • Extremely affordable

FlashCardz For Students v2.0

FlashCardz For Students v2.0

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Complete syllabus coverage - Science, Maths, Social Science and Economics for 8th, 9th and 10th grades. Created by experienced teachers.

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Board / Prelims

Board questions from last 12 years, and prelims questions from leading schools. Continuously updated. Keywords identified on all answers.


Bite Sized Decks

Small sub-topic decks organized within chapters. A student can finish a deck in 30-45 minutes. It is so much more effective and fun than reading a book!


Spaced Repetition

Automatic repetition of weak concepts at intelligent intervals to solidify learning. Practice makes perfect!


Customized Revision

Customize your revision by combining chapters, filtering for numericals, board questions, diagrams etc. Take control by focusing your study time!


Subject Crosswords

Break the monotony of studies by solving hundreds of subject crosswords. 100% from your syllabus. Have fun as you learn!

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Use On Any Device

Optimized to work equally well on any device - laptop, tablet, or any smartphone. Study at home or on the move!


No Paper Cards!

Paper cards cannot cover everything and are cumbersome. We offer you (digital cards + a world-class-method) using latest technology.

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Everything covered

Definitions, numericals, applications, short & long answer, diagram questions, topography maps, equations, and so much more.


HOTS / Exemplar

Flashcards and quiz questions at all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy including Higher Order Thinking skills.  CBSE Exemplar questions covered.

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Self Testing

Continuous self testing to identify areas of weakness and automatic attention to weak areas. Find out what you don't know before the exam!

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Chapter quizzes

Monitor progress by testing yourself from a huge database of quiz questions of various difficulty levels. Unlimited quizzes to build confidence!


Create Favourites

Create your own set of "favourite" cards for last minute or repeat revision by chapter or across chapters. No more scribbled notes!

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Unique MathCards

Get better at Maths using our unique MathCards based on the Hint/Reveal method for all common patterns. Keep challenging yourself!

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Always Up To Date

You always get the latest content and features. Content is always updated based on syllabus and exam pattern.

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Revision Companion

FlashCardz is your revision companion. Everything in one place, always on, asking questions, providing feedback and building confidence!

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Research backed
Revision Methods

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Hrishi Chaudhary.png

Hrishi Chaudhary, Mumbai

Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

FlashCardz is truly a must have for all ICSE students. It is the perfect revision and practice tool for board exams and helped me revise the vast syllabus in a short time. Kudos to the FlashCardz team.


Arushi Walkade, Pune

Army Public School.

I just passed out of 10th grade and FlashCardz played a huge role in helping me understand everything better. My weak area was Social Science and I was able to achieve amazing marks in the same.

Aditya Anil.png

Aditya Anil, Mumbai

Campion School.

FlashCardz are the fabulous digital alternative that you can dip into at any point for a quick revision. Their crosswords were my favourite while revising for my ICSE exams. Fun-learn! 

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Thousands of happy students!

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