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  • What is a flashcard?
    A flashcard is a card with a question on one side and an answer on the other side. You study a deck of flashcards one at a time by reading the question, recalling the answer, and then checking the answer by looking at the back of the card. Watch the video on this page to learn more about flashcards.
  • But flashcards are only for small kids!
    That is not correct! Flashcards are used all over the world by students of all age groups as a preferred study method to learn faster and remember longer. Flashcards are used by students to prepare for exams like GRE, GMAT, SAT and CAT. They are also used by college students in fields like law, medicine, accounting etc. Learn more here.
  • Aren't paper cards better?
    No they are not. For one, it is very difficult to make so many paper cards and also keep them updated. Paper cards are also cumbersome to use, and it is diffucult to stay up to date with any syllabus changes. The advantage of FlashCardz is that it also comes with a study-process, which is designed to optimise your time by automatically focusing on weaker topics.
  • How are flashcards effective in learning faster and remembering longer?
    The key to flashcards is intelligent repetition. Studying through flashcards is a continuous process of self-testing and instant feedback. Think of it like studying with a friend. You both ask each other questions, and provide immediate feedback on the answers. Any questions that you do not get exactly right, your friend asks them again after some time. Inevitably, you keep improving rapidly. The other advantage of flashcards is that they present bite-sized information at a time, allowing the student to focus on, and master a small piece at a time.
  • Aren't video lessons better than flashcards? I already have a subscription for video lessons.
    It depends on what your goal is. For conceptual clarity, video lessons can certainly be better than reading plain text from books and can aid understanding. However watching videos is not the best way to prepare for an exam. To excel in exams also requires recall and application of concepts, for which flashcards are the best method. Can you become good at tennis by watching videos only? No you can't. You must spend most of your time practicing, and realising & correcting your mistakes to improve. It is the same with studies.
  • What is the FlashCardz system?
    The FlashCardz system has taken the age-old and proven flashcards technique and created a complete learning system around it. The system presents your complete syllabus in small decks of flashcards. Our system selectively repeats the cards that a student has not yet mastered, thus focusing more of their time on such concepts. The system also increases student engagement through crosswords and enables them to test themselves through quizzes. Quizzes are another method of self-testing that helps you measure your progress. New types of puzzles are also being added to create a fun and effective learning environment.
  • What subjects are offered by FlashCardz?
    FlashCardz currently offers social science and science subjects, maths, and, environmental science and economics for class 8th, 9th and 10th CBSE and ICSE.
  • What are quizzes?
    Quizzes are MCQ tests available for every chapter. You can test yourself continuously by taking tests and measuring your performance. If you don't do well for a chapter test, go back and study the decks, and take another test. The system gives you a new randomly generated test everytime from our huge database! After you finish a quiz, the system gives you marks, and you can see the corrected answer sheet with explanations where required. The quiz questions are intelligently designed for all difficulty levels, so you get a good idea about your level of preparation.
  • I already go to a good school and also for tuition classes. Do I still need FlashCardz?
    Absolutely. Your school and tuition teachers help you understand concepts better. However, you still need to study yourself to sharpen your ability to do well in tests and exams. Remember, just listening to your teachers, watching videos and reading books does not prepare you for an exam! Intelligent practice with feedback on your weak areas is the best way to prepare. In order to increase your exam marks, FlashCardz is your ideal study companion.
  • Should I use FlashCardz only for exam preparation?
    We recommend that you build FlashCardz into your daily study schedule. FlashCardz will help you understand which topics you have not understood well, so that you can go back to your teachers to clear your concepts. While preparing for exams, we recommend a FlashCardz-led revision. There is more information on this technique in our videos section.
  • After attending school, tuitions and self-study, there is no time left for me to use FlashCardz."
    Don't think of FlashCardz as an additional time investment. It replaces some of your self-study time. For most students self-study time involves reading and rereading their books and notes, and then doing homework and assignments. Research has shown that rereading your books and notes multiple times is not an efficient method of studying and retaining information. If you study using FlashCardz after a quick reading of your books and notes, it will help you make the best use of your time. You will be able to get ready for exams in less time, and also score more marks.
  • Using FlashCardz will mean more screen time...
    You are right, using FlashCardz will mean more screen time. However the advantages of using digital flashcards, quizzes and crosswords are so great for your exam performance that you must try and reduce your screen time in other areas to use this system. For example, you don't need to watch learning videos if you have already understood a concept. Replace that screen time with FlashCardz.
  • I am not sure if FlashCardz will work for me. So what should I do?
    Sign up for our free plan. This plan will give you access to our entire content and features for 5 days. Try it out, and buy only if you are convinced.
  • Can I use FlashCardz on my smartphone or tablet?
    Absolutely, the system is available on all devices including smartphones. All you need is a browser (we recommend Chrome and Firefox) and an internet connection.
  • Does the content get updated based on syllabus changes?
    Yes it does. Our content team is constantly reviewing the cards and quiz questions to make sure that it is fully aligned with the prescribed syllabus. We also constantly add new cards. This is one of the reasons FlashCardz works better than paper cards.
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