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ICSE / CBSE 8th, 9th, 10th

Call +91 8080 44981 for pricing

✓ Save time and effort, while improving students' results

✓ Branded with your logo

✓ Attractive institutional pricing plans 

✓ Create customized tests from huge question set 

✓ Automatic evaluation and feedback to students

✓ Give assignments, with automated evaluation and feedback

✓ Flashcards, crosswords, quizzes available to all your students

✓ Rich content for your online classes

✓ Get feedback on student difficulties

5-Day Free Trial


ICSE / CBSE 8th, 9th, 10th

All subjects

✓ Includes all available subjects

✓ 5-day free trial of all content and features

✓ After 5-days: limited set of flashcards

✓ After 5-days: limited set of crosswords

✓ After 5-days: some features restricted

✓ Choose Free Plan & your board and standard at sign up

FlashCardz Premium

From ₹749

per subject

For full academic year

All subjects for ₹2,999 only*

✓ Maths, All Sciences

✓ Social Sciences

✓ ICSE English

✓ 10 previous years board questions for 10th std

✓ Full set of digital flashcards

✓ Hundreds of subject crosswords

✓ Unlimited online tests with answers

✓ Create custom revision decks

✓ HOTS / application questions

✓ Favourites for last minute revision

✓ Definitions, numericals, diagrams, equations, maps & more!

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