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flashcardz for Tuition Teachers

Focus on what you do best!

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As teaching has moved online due to the pandemic, educators are forecasting that online learning is here to stay, and that the future will consist of a blended approach. Adoption of technology can make your task easier, and also raise the profile of your coaching classes.

However technology adoption and maintenance is time consuming and expensive. In addition, the technology platform must complement what you do, rather than just duplicate your teaching efforts.

The FlashCardz solution for tuition teachers could be the perfect solution for you. The white-labelled solution enables you to focus more time on teaching and complements your efforts by automating the testing and evaluation process, giving you accurate feedback about students' progress, & providing you readymade content for online and classroom teaching.

FlashCardz for Schools
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Raise your profile

Raise the profile of your classes by offering a high quality revision platform to your students, white-labelled with your logo. You don't need to invest in developing your own solution.

Testing & Evaluation

Create high quality tests that are evaluated by the system with answer sheets and explanations available to students immediately. Administer tests as many times as you want to assess progress. Save time!

Feedback on progress

Get feedback on the common areas of difficulty of students based on their revision using flashcards and their test performance. Available on your laptop or mobile!

readymade content

Use the available content for teaching online or in a classroom. Comprehensive content is available for entire syllabus in the form of flashcards and crosswords.


A leading tutor in West Pune

During this pandemic Flashcardz helped us to give assignments and tests to evaluate the students. It is a very user friendly app. Ouestions are framed to assess the conceptual understanding of the students. We get to know the marks as well as the most frequent wrong answers. It helps us to do remedial work.

A leading tutor in Bangalore

The ICSE physics flashcards (deck) is awesome. I was preparing for a revision class for my students and everything was already there. I didn't have to do anything!

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