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FlashCardz was created by parents for their children, to help them organize their self-study routine around research based best practices.

This platform was the brainchild of Nitin Kulkarni, a graduate of IIT Delhi. Nitin excelled in academics, and while teaching his children, he realized that the major obstacle to academic excellence is the students' self study methods. So he created FlashCardz around established self-testing methods like flashcards & MCQs to help students get the best out of their time.


The system now includes a teacher dashboard that enables school teachers and tutors conduct tests, provide feedback to students, and check on the difficulties of their students as they use FlashCardz for their self-study.

Over a period of time, the FlashCardz team has grown to include many more people with the passion to help students and teachers in their academic journey. Our mission is to use technology and learning best practices to help students study smarter, reduce stress while increasing confidence, and get the most out of their potential. The feedback from students, parents and teachers tells us that we are on the right track!

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